Why use a Realtor?

Buying or selling a home is often the largest financial transaction and decision many people experience in their lifetimes.  For both buyers and sellers navigating such an important transaction can be confusing, time-consuming and even more costly than necessary when going it alone.  Enlisting the professional assistance of a Realtor makes a complicated process simple and a more satisfying experience for everyone.

What a Realtor Can Do for You:

A Realtor is a valuable resource as you make your way through a real estate transaction, but most people are unaware that not all real estate agents or brokers are Realtors.  While many agents are simply licensed to do business int he state, Realtors have made a commitment to subscribe to a strict code of ethics and have a great knowledge of the process of buying and selling Real Estate.  These are just a few of the benefits of using our services as your Realtor.

A Realtor can help determine how much home a buyer can compfortably afford.  We can refer buyers to lenders best qualified to meet their needs and provide information on various types of financing methods.

Considering building a new home or buying a ready home with a builder?  Bill and Nina Bay are specialists in new construction.  When searching or deciding on a home with a builder, we can assist you with the design, negotiating price, and we will assist you with the building process step by step.  We have previously worked with many of the new home builders and their site agents and have many years of experience assisting buyers when bulding.  We will review the builder's contract and terms with you prior to you signing.  We can recommend which community/builder that might best fit your requests and needs in a new home.

When selling, we can provide you with an estimate of closing costs and guide you through the closing process.  We will attend the closing with you to review the documents that you will be signing at closing.  Bill and Nina Bay can make your home selling process simple and stress free.  With superior market knowledge, and being strong negotiators, and a wide range of services offered, our experience and expertise can maximize the efficiency of selling your home and serve as a powerful resource.

Do you have question about Buying or Selling a home?  We have the answers and can assist you with your real estate needs and questions.

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